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7 Incredible Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

One area of the home that has come the farthest in terms of design is the outdoor living space. They used to be areas for some patio furniture and even a grill, but that isn’t the case today. People are installing televisions, kitchens, and entire dining areas. Many outdoor spaces also have fire pits that look like works of art, and some of them even have full fireplaces.

If you’re ready to update your outdoor living space, here are some incredible ideas that might work for you.

#1: Outdoor TV Area

One of the ways that outdoor spaces have evolved is that they have included technology. This has become possible since the invention of the flat screen. You can hang a television in almost any spot. There are a number of ways that you can make a television work in an outdoor living space, but you need to make sure it’s installed in an enclosed area, so it’s protected from the weather.

#2: Outdoor Kitchen

A lot of modern outdoor living spaces have entire kitchens, which can include small refrigerators, as well as a variety of outdoor cooktops and sinks. Many outdoor kitchen appliances are also made of stainless steel, which makes them more resistant to weather and other forms of wear and tear. A common design feature is to put stainless steel appliances inside stone or brick, which combines the rustic look of these materials with the modern feel of stainless steel. The stone also helps to keep the appliances in place while giving them a more “outdoorsy” look.

#3: Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

The fire pit is a classic mainstay of any outdoor space. A lot of people have spent nice evenings relaxing around the fire, but fire pits have gotten a more artistic feel in recent years. They look more like “fire features” than standard fire pits. People have also taken the traditional fireplace from inside the home by placing it outside. Doing this can give people a nice sitting area and can even provide a backdrop for a TV.

#4: Outdoor Dining Area

It may not be an outdoor living space without bringing the dining experience outdoors. Today, outdoor dining spaces are so detailed that they look like they need to be indoors — that is, until you take a closer look. Then, you realize that everything has been designed to stand up against the elements. Some outdoor living spaces have long, full tables that are similar to what you would see in a dining room. Others even have a bar area. There are so many options that your outdoor dining space can be completely customizable.

#5: Two-Level Backyard

Having a two-level backyard can help you get the most out of your outdoor living space and can even give it more character. A spacious paver patio will give you plenty of room for furniture. You can also run string lights along the length of the yard to make the entire space feel connected.

#6: Creating a Focal Point

Having a central focal point can give you something around which you can build the rest of your outdoor living space. It can also create a place where your guest’s eyes can move toward, but it can also make your yard look more beautiful. If you’re planning to build an outdoor kitchen, it could be the central part of the entire space. It can also be something you have in your yard (such as a winding tree or pond). If you’re not sure what your focal point could be, take a little time to think about the different options. You could always install a water feature (such as a fountain) or buy a sculpture.

#7: Adding Dimension with Light

Adding the right lighting can add dimension to your outdoor space. Depending on what you decide to use, you can give it different feels. Outdoor electrical lights that you can turn on and off with a switch can make your space feel bright and modern, while hanging string lights can make it feel cozy and warm. Tiki lights and torches can give the space a more dramatic feel. You can even add a chandelier if you want your outdoor space to look more elegant. Just make sure you get one that can withstand the elements.

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