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Devonshire Custom Homes
Devonshire Custom Homes
2129 Airline Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78414

Homes For Sale

Devonshire Custom Homes has an impressive line up of innovative new homes for sale in a broad range of square footage and price points. We invite you to contact us to tour our homes and see for yourself!

Floor plan Examples

Floor Plan 8250

Floor Plan 8254

Contact us to view more of our innovative floor plans. All plans can be customized to suit your needs and  design style!

* All prices can change without notice please get with us on prices of homes due to the recent materials cost and availability

11514 South Creek4/3Call For Pricing
11522 South Creek4/3Call For Pricing
11518 South CreekPending
11521 Willow WeepCustom Home$329,000SOLD!
11522 Willow WeepCustom Home$329,000SOLD!
11521 Willowood CreekCustom Home$325,000SOLD!

Lots available for custom build!

1225 Schell4/4/3 car garage3225 sqftSOLD!
1218 SchellCustom HomependingSOLD!
1302 SchellCustom HomependingSOLD!
3806 Willow Heights Dr4/3/+study2279 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
3826 Willow Heights Dr4/3 Floor Plan2254 Sq. Ft.$295,000
3902 Willow Heights Dr4/3 Floor Plan2107 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
11506 Willow Weet Dr4/2.52071 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
11501 Willow Wood Creek4/3Custom BuiltSOLD!
2714 Yeager4/3/22190 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
2709 Gold Rush4/2/21961 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
2718 Yeager4/3/22129 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
10309 Beverly Hills4/3/22250 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
10305 Beverly HillsCustomHomeSOLD!
10318 beverly hillsCustomHomeSOLD!
10326 HerculesCustomHomeSOLD!
2749 Gold Rush4/3/22250 Sq.Ft.SOLD!
2721 Gold Rush4/3/2 + study2236 Sq.Ft.SOLD!
10310 Hercules4/2.5/22189 Sq.FtSOLD!
10325 Sir Nickolas4/3/2 corner lot2136 Sq.Ft. SOLD!

Three lots currently available. Build to order!

7941 Snake RiverSOLD!
7949 Snake River4 bed, 3 bath + study2350 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
7961 Snake River4 bed, 3 bath2250 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
7957 Snake RiverSOLD!
7953 Snake RiverSOLD!
8001 Snake River4/3/22198 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
7965 Snake River4/3/22198 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
8009 Snake River4/2.5/2SOLD!
8005 Snake RiverSOLD!
6821 La SalleSOLD!
6817 La SalleLot available.Build to order!SOLD!
8013 Snake RiverLot available.Build to order!SOLD!

Call Now, Limited Lots Left!

6910 Pacific Way4/3/22179 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
6914 Pacific WaySOLD!
6025 Pacific WayCustom BuiltSOLD!
6006 Stonehenge4/32400 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
6022 StonehengeSOLD!
6009 Timbergate4/3/32350 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
6825 New YorkCustom HomeSOLD!
6949 New YorkCustom HomeSOLD!
6010 Timbergate4/3/32320 Sq. Ft.SOLD!
6022 VentorCustom Home-SOLD!
6901 New YorkCustom Home-SOLD!
6909 New YorkCustom Home2350 Sq. FtSOLD!
6929 New YorkCustomHomeSOLD!
6913 New YorkCustomHomeSOLD!
6006 Pacific4/3/22350 Sq.Ft.SOLD!
6010 Pacific4/3.5/22455 Sq.Ft.SOLD!
6014 Pacific4/3.5/22450 Sq.Ft.SOLD!
6005 PacificSOLD!
6009 PacificSOLD!
6945 New YorkSOLD!
6957 New YorkSOLD!
6961 New YorkSOLD!
6032 StonehengeSOLD!
6026 StonehengeSOLD!
Limited lots available! Call (361)946-8208 for info!
8817 Skynight5/5/33600+ Sq.Ft.Call For Info!
Waters Edge Subdivisiongame room / office2 dining, 2 living3 car Garage!
2318 Blackmore4/2/22060 Sq.Ft.SOLD!

You Dream It, We'll Design it, and We'll build it!

Devonshire Custom Homes
2129 Airline Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78414