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Cool Ideas to Help You Plan Your Game Room

Game rooms are used for both electronic consoles and old-school games that use dice and boards. They’re also growing in popularity for both homeowners and home renters. If you’re ready to explore some game room ideas, your options are far from limited. But you should design it in a way that fits your personality. You want to find furniture that will cater to the needs of the people who use it the most, but it needs to be both flexible and versatile. Children will outgrow games, and so will you. So, if you leave some room for the space to evolve, it will change with your specific gaming preferences.

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Here are some cool ideas that can help you plan your game room.

#1: Add Physical Elbow Room for VR Games

One of the biggest and most exciting trends in gaming is the rise of affordable virtual reality (VR) consoles, but too many VR gamers have found their immersive experiences disrupted when they run into a wall or hit their shin on the couch. If you’re into VR games, you should either have a dedicated open space or fill your game room with light furniture that’s easy to move. That way, the only limitation you have is the signal range of your goggles.

#2: Use Full-Sized Arcade Machines

There’s probably nothing more retro than a full-sized arcade game. There has been a recent spike in retro video game parlors, so it has gotten easier to find vintage arcade game cabinets. But before you start buying these machines, you should think about your room’s size. The bulky nature of these game cabinets (which are taller and wider than most people) will mean that only one of them can dominate a small room. If your space is big enough, there might be a retro arcade game out there waiting to add some old-school charm to your new game room.

#3: Include Beverages on Demand

Any beverage tastes better when it’s poured fresh from the tap, and the possibilities for a well-designed bar are practically limitless.

#4: Add Escape Room Puzzles

Escape room puzzles have become increasingly popular in cities all over the world. A group of strangers are locked inside a room. Inside, there’s a “danger” that could be anything from an actor dressed as a zombie to a model atomic bomb. The group must be able to work together to solve a set of challenges that will test both their brain power and their dexterity — many of which will require some level of teamwork to solve. If you’re able to set up this kind of brain-teaser, you can give your game room a more novel twist. It will also guarantee that visitors will be challenged and entertained.

#5: Make it Look Larger

The perfect game room will have plenty of space for people to jump up and move around. But even if you’re working with a limited amount of square footage, you can create a room that looks more inviting. Anything from light-colored flooring to the creative use of reflective surfaces can make a tight space feel larger than it really is.

#6: Add Vintage Lighting

You can contrast your high-tech gaming consoles with the vintage look of throw-back lighting. Edison bulbs and old-style chandeliers can give your game room a kind of funky chic that may be irresistible.

#7: Use Soft Fabrics and Throw Rugs

Game rooms aren’t just for playing fast-paced video games. They can sometimes be used for a more casual and romantic night in. With a stack of soft blankets and throw pillows on hand, you can turn any game room into a cozier and more laid-back space for dining and low-key fun.

#8: Add Pixel Art Decorations

Fill your game room with images of some of your favorite games and activities. And for a lot of people, the 8-bit artwork of games from the 1980’s and 1990’s is both nostalgic and heartwarming. There are a number of artists who create paintings and graphics that are based on that pixelated style, and these images are available on everything from wall hangings to throw-pillows.

#9: Add a Brick or Stone Facade

You can give your game room a more unique feel with a brick or stone facade, which weighs a lot less than the real thing. Because it’s easier to install, you can give your game room the look and texture of exposed brick at a much lower cost. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for game room ideas that will make the space look like a traditional brick home.

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