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How to Decide Between a One-Story and a Two-Story Home

A lot of things can come into play when you’re deciding on the perfect home. You have to think about every little detail — from layout preferences to all of its designs and functionalities. You can make your custom home design as unique as you want it to be. But because there are what appears to be an endless number of options, it may seem impossible to choose. One of the most important decisions is whether to build a one-story or a two-story home. Both options have their pros and cons. If you do a careful evaluation of the important factors, it can be easier to make the right decision.

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Cost Differences Between One-Story and Two-Story Homes

Budget and other financial considerations are important in the decision-making process. You need to look at the cost of the initial construction, the long-term maintenance expenses, and the resale value to decide which option is more suitable for your current financial situation. The initial construction costs between one-story and two-story homes are often similar because both of them require foundations, walls, and roofs. But two-story homes usually don’t require as much in terms of materials and labor.

Long-term maintenance costs need to be considered as you compare both home types. Because of their simpler design, one-story homes don’t have as many issues related to roof and gutter maintenance. But two-story homes may need more frequent maintenance because of an increased amount of wear and tear. Resale and market value are also factors that are worth considering, so you can decide which one will be a better financial investment. One-story homes may be more desirable, so they may have a higher resale value. But two-story homes may be more popular in others.

Energy Efficiency Differences Between One-Story and Two-Story Homes

Heating and cooling efficiency can have a significant impact on your home’s energy consumption. Because warm air rises, two-story homes can have uneven energy distribution. This can lead to the need for installing multiple HVAC systems or zoning to maintain certain comfort levels throughout your home, but one-story homes tend to keep a more consistent temperature because of their single-level layout. Insulation and air leakage are also important considerations. Two-story homes often have more wall surface area that’s exposed to the elements, so they can experience a lot more heat loss and gain.

Other Important Differences Between One-Story and Two-Story Homes

Aside from all the cost and efficiency differences between both homes, you should take the following into careful consideration:

  • Accessibility and Mobility — One-story homes are more suitable for people with mobility issues or for people who plan to age in place, because stairs can be a safety hazard or even a barrier to access. They can also be more convenient for families with young children, because they don’t have to worry about staircases or baby gates.
  • Family Size and Future Growth — While a two-story home may give you more bedrooms and living space, it may not be the best choice for families who may need more rooms in the future because expanding upwards can be more challenging than expanding outward.
  • Noise Levels and Privacy Preferences — One-story homes may not have as much noise transfer between floors, but two-story homes can give you more separation between living and sleeping areas (which can offer more privacy for family members).

You should think about your long-term plans and goals (such as whether you plan to age in places or sell your home in the future). This will help you make a more informed decision. If you want more square footage, two-story homes will always give you more bang for your buck because you’ll have more vertical space. But the maintenance costs will be higher. Not to mention, all the energy-efficiency challenges.

One-story homes will be easier to maintain and will be more suitable for people with mobility issues. They will also be safer to evacuate in case there’s an emergency. But if you have a large family, you won’t have as much privacy. They will also require more land to build, which can increase their construction costs. You will even be limited in your design options, because of their single-level construction.

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